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Saro opened its doors in 1976 with the aim of helping parents care for their children by providing practical and real solutions that encourage children in their first formative years, ensuring them the serenity they need.

Since then, everyone who works at Saro keeps this objective in mind as we carry out our day-to-day business.

Our offices in Madrid manage our R+D, quality control, production, distribution, logistics and administration departments.

We work with experts that study babies’ needs in order to develop products that best adapt to each stage of a child’s life, encouraging motor skills as well as mental and physical growth.

Saro also boasts another important factor: our experience. Our team is primarily formed by women, almost all mothers.

We strive for quality and all our products pass strict safety controls before being put on the market. These controls are done both internally and at renowned authorised laboratories that certify the quality of our products.

We do all of this for you and your baby.

Because you have embarked on a wonderful adventure that’s all yours to enjoy: we just want to help you so that the only thing you have to worry about is enjoying this time with your baby. Because your baby deserves the best. Your baby deserves to feel safe and comforted. Your baby deserves to discover the new world around him and stimulate his senses and development while having fun, playing and enjoying himself.

“ A mother's arms are made of tenderness
and children sleep soundly in them.”

– Víctor Hugo –


We know what it is to have a baby. We know the happiness you are going to experience, and also the doubts, fears and surprises.
Because we have experienced your same happiness and the worries that badger you when discovering your pregnancy; we are very much aware of them.
Because we want the best for your baby.

Saro was born as a small family company 40 years ago, and the experience gained with the achievements of the years goes along with the spirit with which we begin.
We are at your side and support you, while remembering that the beautiful path towards motherhood is not always simple, and that juggling is sometimes necessary to fit the budget. We want you not to sacrifice quality and design. We want to be your trust brand.

Nothing can stay at random. Babies are like an earthquake: they pick up things, suck, bite, play and throw them… we know that!
In this sense, when working on a new product we think about its future and how it is going to be used by many small but demanding hands, ensuring compliance with all the safety requirements so that you can just enjoy this precious moment.

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